I can’t breathe under water,  but I’m coming up for air,  I want to see another dawn.

I can’t breathe under water, but I’m coming up for air, I’ve been floating here too long.

                                                                                                          Breathe Underwater – Placebo

Thoughts on depression, on what works for me and what I am learning on the journey to understand and manage my mind.

The intention is to raise awareness of depression and to share experience, so that people who do not suffer will gain some understanding and for the many people who also fight a daily battle to manage their mental health , to offer some things that I find help.

I publish a post each Friday on my thoughts as I learn to accept and live with depression. Writing helps me as I try to understand the beautifully complex and awesome mind that we all have.

I hope you find the blogs interesting and hopefully even useful. 

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