Post 53 – Blog writing for others

Not a full blog post this week mainly as I have been doing a few other pieces of writing, beyond my own blog. I feel very humbled, but dare I say proud as well, of having opportunities to write outside of this blog.

And it so happens that this week two pieces have been published.

Firstly Time to Change, the U.K. mental health charity, have published a piece I wrote about hiding depression behind a mask before that finally cracked. If you would like to read that is available from the Time To Change blog.

Secondly I was invited to write something for Sarah Rees, who orgainsed the brilliant Compassion Focused Therapy workshop by Dr Mary Welford which I went along to in February. (You can read about that experience in post 46). The piece for Sarah is not just around depression, but also my experience of therapy. I hope that it really helps someone considering or starting therapy. If you would like to read that it’s available from Sarah’s website.

Thanks to both Time to Change and Sarah for the support in publishing the posts, hope you find them useful and informative. Love to hear any feedback.



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