Post 38 – #365daysofcompassion

A different type of post for the last one in 2017, one with an invitation.

Back in November the fabulous Dr Mary Welford, one of my Compassionate Yoda’s, came up with a great idea for December. On each day she posts a video that relates to compassion, under the #adventofcompassion hashtag. Some have been serious, some funny, all have been thought provoking and insightful. They often cause you to reflect and to look at challenging things in a different, open way, both as an individual and within society.

The fantastic Twinkletoes at the Blurt Foundation have a hashtag for people to post self-care comments under the hashtag #365daysofselfcare, which is great way for people to share daily how they are doing. This may inspire someone else or allow others to offer thoughts and words of support. It really helps with a sense of community and peer support.

So put the two together and what do you get ? #365daysofcompassion.

The idea is simply this : each day post on social media (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram – or all three) a comment to express compassion, in thought or action, towards yourself or another. Or post a quote. Or a link to some music. Or a video clip. Or a piece of art. Whatever portrays a compassionate message.

The aim of the posts will be to encourage, support, provoke thought, provide insight or inform. It definitely doesn’t have to be serious either. It obviously shouldn’t be inflammatory , either through politics or religion.

Compassion is about acting with kindness and an intent to accept, sometimes to alleviate, distress and pain. It takes courage to do so, to face the pain with a kindness and understanding, rather than shying away from it. As you may know from previous posts I have found that fostering self-compassion is of great benefit to mental well-being. And as our self-compassion increases so too does our wider compassion.

This is about a simple daily share of small doses of compassion, which you never know may help someone else. I hope you will find that it helps you too.

So what do you think, could you have a go at posting something daily for a year ? There is no pressure , no worries if you miss any days or decide to stop. Or stop and start gain. Or not even start, but read the posts. This is a suggestion to build off Mary’s advent and use the Blurt tag approach to spread some compassion to your connections, family and friends. You never know who or what it might inspire.

It would be lovely if you can join me and bring some compassion, kindness and understanding into 2018.

Lastly, please remember that it’s okay to not be okay over the festive season. It’s a busy time, sometimes with lots of expectations, external pressures and can often bring sad memories, alongside the happy ones. Allow it to be how you wish it to be, not how others want. Have a peaceful Christmas and New Year.



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