Post 20 – Life lessons from Meat Loaf

Okay, I confessed to liking Meat Loaf back in Post 7 on things starting with M. Some may call it a so-called “guilty pleasure”, but what can beat an epic song lasting several minutes, full of the fabulous voice of Meat Loaf ?

And maybe, just maybe there are some lessons we can learn for our daily life and mental health wellbeing.

So here goes…this post may not work, but if it at least raises a smile, perhaps even a self-care thought, it’s worth a shot…get comfortable with a coffee and a macaroon, here goes…

Stress and decision making

I’m hearing voices and I can’t think straight, I think I might be going insane, Can’t make my own decisions and I just can’t wait to mess it all up again – Love Is Not Real (from Hang Cool Teddy Bear)

Stress plays havoc with decision making and thinking with clarity. The different selves we have, the critic, the supporter and the doubtful all start to talk at once and the fear of failure or being wrong becomes pervasive. Rumination can make you start to believe that failure will be the only outcome. And you know what – sometimes failure is good and the reality is never as bad as the fear.

A brave face

And you think that my life is shining like a star, but the fears are never very far, We always seem so much braver than we ever are – Going All The Way (from Braver Than We Are)

So many of us hide away how we feel, putting a brave face on for fear of being ridiculed or ashamed to show the emotions. Doesn’t matter if that is depression, anxiety, worry or fear – it’s okay to say I am not okay. If I had not been such a good actor maybe I would have got help sooner. The more we talk the more we help each other, stopping problems from growing into more than they are.


The darkest night ain’t black enough to keep the morning light from shining – Alive (from Bat Out of Hell III)

No matter what, there will be a better time. I know this is hard during that darkness, have been there many times. Here’s the key thing – hold onto the fact that the darkness is not permanent, there will a dawn, even more beautiful and awesome than the last one.

Emotional Reaction

Sometimes you know I overreact and what I say is not a matter of fact – Did I Say That (from Couldn’t Have Said it Better)

Have you ever stopped later and wondered why you reacted to something in the way you did? And the things you say to yourself, are they based on facts or an emotional view of reality, driven by expectations, hopes and fears. Try to consider, especially when emotions are running high, how your body feels and what emotions you feel – are they aiding or hindering your actions? Take a few deep breathes and just focus on the breathing. Then reconsider your reaction.

The Past

And objects In the rear view mirror may appear closer than they are – Objects In The Rear View Window May Appear Closer Than They Are (from Bat Out of Hell II)

The past is always there and sometimes, in rumination, things loom out of your history. These can be both happy and sad, the mind can sometimes make them more real and relevant to your today than they actually are. The past is the past, it cannot be changed. You can learn from it but you can’t live it again. Let it go.

It’s good enough

Now don’t be sad, two out of three ain’t bad-Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad (from Bat Out of Hell)

You know that to do list you have, written down or in your head? Take something off it today and just focus on a couple of things, using some of the time to do nothing. Just five minutes of doing absolutely nothing. And that voice that says everything needs to be perfect? Don’t listen, most of the time good is good enough. In fact one out of three ain’t bad…in fact forget the scoring.

Honest emotion

This is my anger, this is my shame, these are my insecurities, that I can’t explain, We all live under the same roof, we go by the same name – All of Me (from Hell in a Handbasket)

We are made up of many emotions – anger, guilt, happiness, sadness, empathy, compassion, love, shame and many more. Some are called good, some are called bad. But in reality they are emotions and you cannot be just one all the time. How to react and use that emotion is critical. To suppress any emotion may help short term, but not in the long term. Accept the emotion, be curious about it and work with it – your body is telling you something you need to decipher rather than automatically reacting to.


There’s always something magic, there’s always something new. – Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through (from Bat Out of Hell II)

In life we take so much for granted. At least once a day just stop, wherever you are, whatever you are doing and look around you. There will be something beautiful and awe-inspiring near you if you look. A bird on a tree, the sky, the colours in a puddle, the sound of a laugh, a clever piece of human design or engineering. And the best awesome thing – the fact you are you.

So there you go, kinda worked? I could not work I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That), Bat Out of Hell or Dead Ringer For Love into this post. If you can make one of them work leave a comment, love to hear your suggestion!

Have a weekend full of heroic lyrics, with backing choir and orchestra.

All lyrics and logo are copyright of Meat Loaf.


2 thoughts on “Post 20 – Life lessons from Meat Loaf

  1. Another masterpiece. Can relate to all the points , particularly the brave face. Inspiring as always. Can’t call myself meatloaf fan but listened to all songs on youtube and really enjoyed. – Yogesh

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Yogesh, thanks very much for the kind comments, much appreciated. Glad you enjoyed it and also took something from it.

      Welcome to the music of Meat Loaf : )

      Thanks for support, Chris


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