Post 3 Sporting events

I want to write each Friday, to give myself regularity and even if it wasn’t a good day. Today is not a good day, something happening later which I am nervous about and uncertainty is a trigger for me. Despite efforts to remain anchored in the present, anxiety has snuck into my thoughts at any opportunity this week.

But I want to post to highlight two upcoming sporting events, both great in the continuation of encouragement to talk.

On Sunday the London marathon will be sponsored by Heads Together and all runners invited to wear a blue headband. If you didn’t see the BBC programme last night covering ten runners, if you can , please watch on iPlayer. I found it very hard to watch and one of the runners, Jake, sums up some features of depression very well.

Next weekend the rugby premiership games will be sponsored by the Rugby Players Assocation Lift The Weight campaign, aimed at raising awareness across the sport

Lift the Weight


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